Is starting a Blog is still worth it in 2020

For the past years, blogging became very popular among people. Indeed, everyone saw it as an activity that can produce money. So what happened is that everyone started out a blog. But, no one really saw the hard work that it took to be able to generate a steady income from this type of business. The main reason of this is that generating traffic on a blog is not easy since no one knows the blog. But, even if it's hard it does not mean that it's impossible. Many people have been able to create successful blogs simply by setting up a goal and working hard to achieve it. So yes it can be worth it to start a blog. This article will give you some reasons that will help you decide if you are interested to start creating your blog.

Improving your writing abilities 

One thing that the creation of a blog will definitely help you achieve is helping you grow your writing abilities. Indeed, since creating a blog is all about writing interesting articles, you will become a better writer simply by constantly practicing your writing. Also, this will help you improve your research skills since you will have to look for sources or make some kind of research to create quality content. Of course at first it will be hard but if you have chosen a niche that inspire you, this can be way easier. Also, the more you write and the more you will find it easy to create longer and higher quality content.

Learning a new skills 

Starting out your blog will not only help you get better at writing but will also push you to improve more business related skills. First of all, you will have to create your blog from scratch and completely design it. You will also have to learn all the skills necessary to create the graphics on your website. Then, beside the creation part you will learn all the ways you can promote your blog. This can include SEO, e-mail marketing or social media marketing. Finally, you will learn different ways to monetize your blog. All those things can be used in any business since every thing is online in today world and having those skills can be an enormous advantage for you.

Owning an online brand

Creating a blog will automatically give you the ability to own an online brand. Indeed, the more you are writing and the more you will have visits on your blog. This will result in your blog having more visits and slowly you will become an authority in your field. From this point you can slowly grow your blog into something bigger such as an online brand or any other online business.

Generating an income

When you are creating a blog, you are definitely not doing it just for fun. Indeed, creating your blog can be very lucrative. When you have an important audience, you can monetize your work. The first and easiest way for you to monetize it will be through google ads. But, you have many other options that you can use to monetize your blog. Those can be creating your own E-commerce, selling courses, creating podcasts or doing affiliate marketing.

Of course creating a blog is not something easy. The main reason for this is that it's like starting any other business. You will put a lot of work but you are never sure if you will make any money from it. This is why it's very important to never give up and you need to have a passion for it. If you don't and you only want to make quick money there is a lot of other ways that can give you an income faster than creating a blog.





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