Ways to make Online Passive income


Who don't want to have to be able to be free financially and travel the world. Or simply have another source of income that will help him getting out of the 9-5 job. Well it's all possible, the internet is constantly growing and with this growth new opportunities of wealth creation are appearing. Indeed, in today world it's now possible to make a living directly from your home without having to have a regular job. You simply own an online business. and use different strategies to make a living from home. Here is a list of simple passive ways to make money directly from your computer.

Investing and dividend paying stocks

One of the easiest ways to earn money online is through Dividend paying stocks. The only thing with this method is that you will need to save money to re invest it. Indeed, investing in blue chip stocks can be a good thing and can give an interesting source of income. Now if you want to do it, I suggest you to at first make yourself a budget of what amount of your actual income you will save and re invest. This amount can vary from person to person. The next thing to do will be to make a research for the businesses in witch you want to invest your money and invest it. Then, adding money to this fund every month will provide you a growing dividend income. 

Ads income

Another great way to build a steady online income is through ads income. Of course this will require a lot of effort since you will have to set up your website or YouTube channel and produce daily content. But, once your website/blog or YouTube channel becomes popular you will start to make interesting income. This will allow you to work on what you love and at the same time getting payed for doing so. But, it will be very important to put in the effort in the beginning since you will not necessarily see the success coming at you overnight. 

Selling online courses

A great way to make money online can also be to sell online courses. Indeed, if you are good at something, the best way to make money from it will be to create a course about it. You can market your course in different ways but the best way to start in this industries is go do it through udemy. It's an online marketplace where people all around the world can offer there courses. In other words, it's like an amazon but for online courses. When you have created your course, you can directly put it on sell and when you have a lot of people interested by your course you can sell it directly on your website/e-commerce.

Launching your online store (drop shipping)

Another online businesses you can do is creating your online store. Not only this is like an actual store but without all the financial risks but also this business model will allow you to scale your business a lot more. Indeed, if you are able to make good marketing and reach a good amount of people it's easy to grow your business. Also, you have no financial risk since you don't own the products that you are selling and this is one of the biggest advantages you can get when you are drop shipping. 

You can find a lot of other ways to make passive income online but for me those are the most interesting, easy to generate and the most scalable business models that you can have. 


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